Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mickey Contractor!

Oh, what an honor it was to meet this amazing person!!!

Seeee!!! Prooof!!! I look horrid but who cares at this point right? I was actually preetttyy star struck at this moment, so I wasn't able to ask him many questions.
Walking around the hotel we came across the MAC makeup suite, and there he was right inside.  He was getting ready to go to one of the star's rooms to do their makeup.  So of course the ever so famous Zuca bag was present!!! (Can you imagine what it felt like to be able to see Mickey Contractor's Zuca bag!!!)
He was very sweet, and did not mind posing for pictures despite his busy schedule.  I have to be honest, while talking to him I only got as far as "oh my goodness! you're Mickey Contractor!!" After that I don't remember much. Although, the one thing that every single makeup artist present swore by was the double sided concealer that came out with his MAC Collection.  The word around the makeup suite was, that they used it on almost everyone! The makeup artists themselves were wearing it, so I'm hoping it comes out into the permanent line.  It is available again at the pro store in Toronto for a while, in honor of IIFA.
As far as who got their makeup done by the man himself, I know for a fact that Priyanka Chopra and Sonakshi Sinha were made up by him.  Also, we overheard Neha Dhupia trying to get him to do her makeup, but he was unavailable. I believe Anuskha Sharma's makeup was also by Mickey Contractor.
IIFA has proven to be an amazing opportunity, there was so much to learn, so much to experience. We also got to take a look backstage right before the main event started.  The MAC face charts had me drooling.  You could feel the energy buzzing back stage, it was incredible! To sum it all up, I met a senior MAC artist, a couple people asked me to do their makeup (which I did in the hotel bathrooms lol), I saw what it was like to be at a MAC makeup suite, and what backstage MAC looked like.  This was just the beginning.

Next: My conversation with Shabana Azmi. (and what an amazing person she is)

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