Thursday, May 19, 2011

Crackling and Shattering =)

I am So high off this crackley stuff!!!....ok I swear to god I am NOT on drugs I'm talking about ....

China Glaze Crackle Glaze! (And OPI Shatter)

To sum it up..I love love love love...ADORE!!

Here I am wearing Lightning Bolt over Revlon's Electric Pink...

I love all the different types of cracks, and I love that the white doesn't go on like white out.  I wouldn't call it "sheer" but its not completely opaque to the point that it looks like dried up paint on your nails.  Application is really versatile, you have a ton of options on how to get it to crack.

Here's the other hand..

ok lets see how I could explain it...
ok so regular nail polish is stroke down the middle and then one on both sides..right?..Right...
and thats how you're supposed to get an even coat.
Weeellllll....for this, it doesn't require precision like that. Honestly it's like a Whole New World (a dazzling place I never knew..*hehe i <3 Alladin*) 
This what I did, one stroke thick application, 2nd stroke a little thinner, 3rd I don't sorry I was just playing with it.  you could do another thicker one or a semi thin one.

I did that because I didn't want uniform cracks I wanted them to be all over the place.  I even threw on a couples strokes going side ways, which resulted in some pretty funky looking cracks.

Just goes to show all the different things you can do with this.  I found even coats cracked pretty much straight down. Which gave it a splintered wood sort of look.

I really love these polishes, right now I have Black Mesh, Lightning Bolt, Fault Line, and I also have O.P.I Silver Shatter.

I just did my baby sister's nails in a Nude colored polish with Fault Line on top.....this yielded Amaaaazing results.  The purple color is Stunning.  I read that a few people had problems with it and they couldn't get it to crack. I think they applied a coat that was too thick. I stuck to the thinner application with some thicker strokes here and there. The cracks turned out perfect for me. Don't try to get the coat of polish all even and perfect and opaque. 

Just have fun with it.  Do your own thing and enjoy the crackleyness!! =)

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