Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lose Your Marbles!

Have you ever lost your marbles? Everyone has at some point or another..While I have no idea how to prevent the loss of your marbles.  I can help make it a little more fun...
Here's how to have a little fun while you lose your marbles...

Make your nails look like marble! This is a technique called Water Marbling.  Nail Art being all the rage lately this has gotten pretty popular too.  

This was the very first time I tried it out.  Actually my only attempt.  It's a lot of fun to try out, and if you do pretty much everything that I didnt, you'd be good! :P

I find this tutorial by MissJenFABULOUS to be one of the most helpful ones out there! (I wish it was around earlier)

She explains everything really well and talks about all the things that I wish I knew before.  I don't think my attempt turned out bad, but it could've been better....specially if I had used tape...

Here's a couple more pictures.  
Photo credits go to Hafsa Creations.  Check out more of her work here:

We should have fun no matter what we do.  Losing our marbles is one of those very un-fun things to do, but who says we can't at least try to make it fun ;)

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