Friday, May 13, 2011

The Good Old Black Stuff

Black eyeliner goes as far back as 10,000 BC. It was first used in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Cleopatra was known to adorn her eyes with it.  Today it's associated with a variety of fashions starting from Gothic ranging to the 50s pinup look, to a soft ever so light definition to the lashes....

The search for a perfect black eyeliner is never ending. The ultimate question....How do you keep it on the waterline?


There is No fool-proof way...sad story but thats just how it is...there are however some things you can do...

  1. Smudge a shadow on the lower lash line to keep the liner from melting under your eyes and giving you the "bleeding mascara" look..
    The shadow can be any color, if you want to brighten the eyes pick a lighter shimmery color, or use a couple colors, starting with light in the inner corner getting darker towards the outer corner. That will open up the eyes and lift them up.

  2. Pat on a black eyeshadow ON the waterline.  The powder will keep the waterline dry for  longer since it's going to absorb the moisture.  This works with any color. Since it is your waterline, you want to stay away from glittery eyeshadow. Stick to smooth finely milled eyeshadow, preferably matte, or satin is okay too.

  3. Ok. So. I lied. There IS a fool proof way =)...GEL LINERS!!!!! these things are AMAZING. I cannot praise them enough.  You CAN wear this on your waterline, and it WILL stay. There are amazing quality waterproof gel liners available today.  Sephora's are my favorite right now!

     Take any old eyeliner pencil dip it into the pot, and line your waterline, and to line your lash line use an angle liner brush.  They really are waterproof, will not budge for hours.

     I fell asleep wearing it one day, (I know I know, how atrocious..pfft like you've never done it :P) waterline didn't really last, but the rest did. Also, my friend who recommended these to me (love you Z <3) she wore it to her hot yoga class and it lasted through all that, did not budge at all!!  Not much else I could say after that...

     Contact lens wearers need not worry, I wear contacts and its been a while since I wore eyeliner on the waterline that didn't bother me. With these I don't feel a thing!
Sephora Cream Liners are $13 (4.5g) in Canada (worth every penny). Eco Tools at Walmart (yep Walmart) has a really awesome angle liner brush for $3-4. Drugstore brands that do gel liners are Maybelline and Physicians Formula. Maybelline's is about $11 in Canada and I believe it comes with less product then the Sephora. Bobbi Brown also does amazing gel liners but those cost an arm and a leg.

I <3 the Sephora Waterproof Smoky Cream  Liner!

Cleopatra was considered beautiful because of her charm, charisma, and intelligence. She was not what we would consider a conventional beauty today. Plutarch (Roman historian 46-120 AD) describes her as intelligent and charismatic, but says her beauty was "in itself not altogether incomparable".  It wasn't until the 19th century that painters started to depict her as a sex symbol...

Black Eyeliner is also one of the makeup products that Muslim women can use to look beautiful for their husbands...

Believe in yourself so you can be as charming and charismatic as Cleopatra herself =).

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  1. i never knew my eyeliner had such a rich history! love this. =D