Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quickey..(Or So I Thought..)

Quick tip of the day....How to use shadow with glittery fall out!

Usually with eye shadow that falls out...sticky bases work really well...
But that works best if its going to be a base color for your eyelids.
What do you do if its a highlight and the color is really pretty but the glitter just separates?
for example...the color Sidecar in the Naked Palette..amazing color..horrid fall out :(

The color itself is really pretty and would be an awesome all over lid color if it wasn't for all the glitter in it. It's not shimmer, it's actual pieces of glitter that don't go away no matter what you do.

So here's what I do (cuz u know i'm not gonna let the color go to waste now am I..wasting = not good *shivers at the though*)

Apply the color with a flat brush (something like the Good Karma shadow brush or MAC 239...always tap off the excess) and flip the brush up when you apply it..
So the brush is flat against your Eye* and the brush handle is pointing up towards the Sky* (i discovered the rhyme while proof reading..tee hee)
There will be fallout still, it's just going to go on your eyes rather than on your cheeks.  Also don't blend these sort of shadows too much (so no MAC 217 for fluffy brushes either), just pat them on and leave them there.

I use Sidecar to highlight the center of the eyelid, or inner corner so it's Always the last shadow that I any blending I needed to do is already done...

<--this was just a random makeup day...

well That's all folks....wasn't that short was it...oooppsiiee =)

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